The role of the bath house has changed over time and with the hope of bringing the memories of the good old days to the present, Kamata Fukuno-yu was renewed in April 2016. The bath house is not wide with only 2 bathtubs available. Even so, we are sure you will be able to feel our warm welcome.

Address1-12-15, Kamata, Ota City
AccessA 15-minute walk from JR Line Kamata station.

Modern and stylish, thanks to its recent renewal. Enjoy their pizza after your soak!

– Steph’s pro tip


  • Barrier-free
  • Massage chair
  • Hair dryer
  • Coin locker
  • Hand towel & bath towel
  • Shampoo on sale
  • Food and drinks available

Bath varieties

  • Supersonic-wave bath
  • Sleeping bath
  • Standing shower
  • Medicated bath
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